General Mixers (new)




These all-purpose mixers use a planetary
mixing action that consistently blends, mixes
and aerates all ingredients with satisfactory
results. The heat treated carbon steel gears
deliver energy at three pre-selected fixed
speeds. Each mixer comes standard with a
stainless steel bowl, flat beater, spiral dough
hook, and wire whip. The stainless steel wire
front bowl guard opens easily for adding
ingredients. The bowl guard magnetic lock
prevents the mixer from running if guard is
opened or the bowl is lowered. The switches
are moisture resistant. All units come with an
overload switch which protects the motor.

Model: GEM130
Description: 30 Quart Mixer
Voltage: 120/60/1, 220/50/1, 220/60/1
Rated Power: 2 hp
Bowl Capacity: 30 qt
Speed: 91/166/282 R/MIN
Weight: 450 lb