Looking for low prices on quality restaurant equipment? One of the best ways to save money is to buy used items. If you’re just getting started in the restaurant business, keeping your start-up costs low is a big key to success. Even if you own an established restaurant, if you have to replace an appliance unexpectedly it can be a financial hardship, one that could make less of an impact on your budget if you replace it with a used item. Consider all the benefits of buying your restaurant supply used.

  1. Save money. The obvious top benefit of buying any restaurant supply used is the lower prices. You can find used appliances and other restaurant equipment for a fraction of the cost of new at All-State. Get your business off to a great start by saving money on used equipment.
  2. Variety of inventory. Used inventory is always changing, which results in a wide variety of equipment available regularly. You may even find a valuable rare item that is no longer being made. If you’re looking for an item that isn’t on the showroom floor, All-State will try to find it for you.
  3. Quality equipment. A common concern about used equipment is that it will be of lesser quality. This is not the case at All-State Restaurant Equipment Company, where used equipment is inspected, refurbished, cleaned, and comes with a 90-day warranty.
  4. Reduce waste. Buying used restaurant equipment keeps thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills every year. Used kitchen appliances and other equipment can be fixed up and reused rather than trashed. When you purchase used supplies you’re doing your part to help the environment.
  5. Tax deductions. Even used equipment purchases are deductible from your business taxes when you file. There’s no tax disadvantage to buying used instead of new.
  6. Slower depreciation. Your used appliances will hold their value for longer with a reduced rate of depreciation.

Used Equipment Gets the Full-Service Treatment Before it Enters the Showroom

At All-State, before any used appliance is deemed worthy for sale, it must pass a rigorous inspection. Experienced service technicians will make any necessary repairs and tune-ups and give it a full detailing so that it looks as good as new. Every piece of used equipment on the showroom floor meets NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) requirements and comes with a 90-day warranty.

Find Quality Restaurant Supply Used Inventory for Great Prices

The used showroom has an extensive inventory of quality used restaurant equipment. A constantly revolving inventory means you have an opportunity to find exactly what you need at All-State. One thing you can count on is the affordable prices. If you’re looking for a certain item that isn’t in stock, All-State will work hard to find it for you. Visit the showroom on 870 South Elm Street in Greensboro, call (336) 274-8728, or fill out the online equipment request form and a representative will contact you.

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